NDIS Day Program Melbourne

Best of home care's innovative disability day programs in Melbourne include day centers, therapy programs, board games, leisure activities, and life skill development. We initiate opportunities for people with disabilities and we translate their disabilities to their ability. Best of home care is a NDIS registered provider offering day program activities for both children as well as adults with disabilities all over Victoria.

BHC Day Centers

Our Day Centres are focused on providing immense fulfillment to you and your loved ones through positive engagement in social activities with others. We have qualified and well-trained staff who derive a lot of joy in helping our clients develop social and life skills throughout the day. Staff are consistently available and are responsible for supporting your loved ones should anything be required. We want our clients to feel comfortable in expressing themselves and most importantly, enjoy their time with us.


It has been established that music provides therapeutic benefits at the psychological, social, and emotional levels. Assisted by our staff, the session aims to bring peace and tranquillity. We are highly careful throughout our consultations with your loved ones to ensure that their needs are met, and inquiries are well-received.
Music therapy can be conducted like a one on one, a small group, or a large group, depending on your loved one’s preference.


We value the importance of art as it is one of the key forms of self-expression. We believe art should be accessible for all people. During our Day Program, we cultivate a safe and comfortable environment where our clients can freely express themselves through artistic, abstract, and creative means. This may include painting and drawing whereby your loved ones are able to produce art with others in a non-judgemental environment. It is highly empowering, at an individual level, to create art and be able to share it with others. The appreciation of each other’s work is the key ingredient of therapy.
Furthermore, creative expression can be healing in its ability to help your loved ones develop a stronger sense of self. Overall, we truly believe our clients deserve to wholeheartedly express themselves through art, and we are proud to integrate it as a popular form of therapy.

Board Games

There is no better activity that cultivates positive competition than playing board games. We offer a selection of many board games which aim to bring fun and enjoyment to all our clients. Board games are renowned for their benefits including increased brain function, reducing stress, promoting laughter, and is a healthy form of dopamine release. People have always enjoyed board games over many generations and will continue to do so, well into the future. Our staff will help facilitate the games to ensure positive engagement and overall enjoyment.

Leisure Activities And Life Skill Development

During the Day Program, we take the opportunity to help clients improve key life skills that have strong social utility including, but not limited to, road safety, public transport use, positive communication, handling money, and technology use. We believe in empowering people at the individual level to ensure they are well-equipped with the necessary skills to be as engaged and connected with society, despite the hardships of pre-existing conditions and disabilities.

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