Intensive Nursing Care at Home across Victoria

Patients in intensive care need emotional support too. That’s why we bring your loved ones closer to you. With the capacity to provide ICU facilities and expert care, HealthCare at home ensures professional, hospital-like treatment at the comfort of your home. The care team is proficient in ICU, Basic Life Support, and situational handling to deliver the best of care to the patients.

Best of Home Care wish to announce that they have now made it possible for you to take a loved family member on a ventilator back to your home, reassured that you have 24/7 access to professional care and support for Tracheostomy ventilation in your home.

Best of Home Care provides intensive home-care nursing for adults and children with Tracheostomy who are invasive and mechanically ventilated long term. This service is available to any family with an adult or child with Tracheostomy requiring specialized and high levels of ongoing care in the comfort of their own home.

The purpose of this site is to provide information on long-term ventilation with Tracheostomy, including Tracheostomy home nursing care in the community. You’ll also find lots of support and education for families of adults and children with Tracheostomy who are ventilator-dependent, including potentially weaning your loved one to mechanical ventilation in the safety of a home-care environment as a real alternative to an extended stay in Intensive Care.

Should your loved one currently remain in Intensive Care, this site offers free resources and support in our Resources and Education section. Please click on the link to access this information.

How to Leave Intensive Care for Quality-of-Life Care at Home

Home is where healing happens best. Best of home care services are for patients who are no longer in the acute phase of their illness but still require intensive care. Best of Home Care offers an alternative home-care service, designed to deliver quality-of-life or quality of end-of-life for those ventilated children and adults with Tracheostomy who see no alternative other than to remain indefinitely in Intensive Care. Other alternatives faced by these patients include remaining in Intensive Care for extended periods of time or even facing a reduction in their treatment due to the fact that the Tracheostomy patient requires long-term invasive and mechanical ventilation.

Best of Home Care is now offering intensive care at home, a genuine and extremely welcome alternative to a lengthy stay in Intensive Care.

Other Intensive Care Services We Offer

Best of Home Care also offers quality health care for children and adults who are required to use non-invasive mask ventilation, like BIPAP and CPAP, in their own homes.

In addition, we offer in home disability care and support and Tracheostomy home care services for children and adults who are not ventilated but are Tracheostomy dependent. Please check our home care Services section on this site for more information.

Best of Home Care Works Exclusively with Critical Care Registered Nurses

Best of Home Care only employs Critical Care Registered Nurses with a postgraduate Critical Care Certificate (or equivalent) or Critical Care Registered Nurses with a minimum of 18 months working background in a Clinical Intensive Care environment. This is how we deliver top quality, holistic services to our customers and their families, and how we help our patients achieve their goals while being cared for at home.

Our Intensive Care Helps You to Achieve Quality of Life

Best of Home Care’s quality of service is entirely dependent on flexibility, and for the patient, their family, and their nursing team to work together to deliver quality-of-life or quality of end-of-life for the patient. Together we can achieve a good-quality, independent way of living for our patient in the comfort of your own home, delivering a mutually satisfying arrangement for all concerned - certainly a happier and more rewarding experience than a lengthy stay in Intensive Care.

Best of Home Care Helps You Meet Your Holistic, Cultural, Spiritual, And Religious Needs

Our aim is to see our patients being taken care of in their own familiar home environment, where we can help meet all their needs. Whether these be cultural, spiritual, religious needs, or even life goals, at Best of Home Care we tailor our home-care towards meeting the holistic needs of both the patient and their family. Delivering nursing care in a home environment allows us to restore a patient’s quality of life, as well as focusing on the possibilities and opportunities available at home that cannot be delivered in an Intensive Care situation.

Whether we are aiming for quality-of-life or quality of end-of-life, Best of Home Care will ensure that all your needs and wants are met, and that the patient enjoys a full and happy life. Our Services in Victoria results speak volumes to our capablities and our clients love us!

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